Fabian Hesse
is an interdisciplinary artist working with digital fabrication. Hesse is based in Berlin, teaches at Digitales Material Lab at HFBK Hamburg and is active in different collective projects.
Fabian Hesse’s work deals with social and material transformations in the course of the technological transition, in particular with digital fabrication. He examines the question where new approaches for social, material and structural transformations of society could take place within the rapid development of technology. Fabian Hesse creates objects, installations, scores, and workshop formats, often together with other artists. He focuses on interfaces between human and automatic systems with the help of open hardware 3D-printers, -scanners, and 3D modeling. In doing so, it becomes clear that (post-)digital technologies rather close themselves off from the user instead of making the interaction between humans and technologies tangible. By means of 3D printers and interfering in their blueprints and printing processes, he co-creates abstract sculptures made from data sets. He counters the perfection of smooth surfaces and closed systems with glitches that reveal the construction and structures of the medium.

Fabian Hesse’s exhibitions, projects, workshops, and performances have taken place at Kunstverein Wolfsburg/ Germany, Pinakothek der Moderne Munich/ Germany, Goethe-Institut Bangalore/ India, Transmission Gallery Glasgow/ UK, Haus der Kunst Munich, 54. Venice Biennale/ Italy, nGbK Berlin/ Germany.
Since 2019 Hesse works at HFBK Hamburg on 3D-scanning and -publishing for Hamburg Open Science. In 2018/2019, he teaches artistic experimentation with digital fabrication at Hochschule für Bildende Künste HFBK Hamburg. In 2017, he co-organized the residency project Double Road with Bangalore, Karnataka/ India. From 2014 to 2016, Hesse was artist-curator at Lothringer13_Florida in Munich.
Hesse studied at Prof. Olaf Metzel (Munich) and Prof. Heimo Zobernig (Vienna) and graduated from Akademie der Bildenden Künste München/ Germany in 2012 with diploma and Meisterschüler distinction.