Ohne Titel (Plants)

Ohne Titel (Plants)
series of renderings and 3D prints

Ohne Titel (Plants); Fabian Hesse, 2019

For the series „Ohne Titel (Plants)“ Fabian Hesse & Mitra Wakil are dealing with experimental procedures in biotechnology, particularly with studies by the Salk Institute (San Diego/ USA). In a large-scale study, the institute investigates the growth behavior of plants under different climatic conditions. The resulting repository consists of hundreds of 3D scans of millet, tobacco, thale cress and tomato plants. These are subsequently being incorporated into machine learning databases, used in the biotechnology sector and in high-tech agriculture. 

Ohne Titel (Plants), Fabian Hesse

Hesse & Wakil access these sources and set up their very own artistic experiments with the datasets. Using a human-assisted random principle, they (un)arrange plant parts in relation to each other, and with the help of an independently predicting algorithm, combine the individual elements into new hybrid shapes. The forms appear partly floral, partly bizarre and surreal, oscillating between fluid, corporeal and merging forms of leaves, tubers, fruits, being materialized as 3d-printed sculptural prototypes.